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1A Hunting in Texas Guide Service

Doves are truly "migratory birds" in every sense of the word. I have seen fields full of dove one day, and two days later there were very few to be found. I have also seen it the other way around, where it goes from darn few to literally 100's, even 1000's of dove, in just a day or even less. One thing is certain though; if you have dove food available to the birds, you will at some point in time, have birds around to shoot. So, that is where we concentrate our efforts; in making sure we have food available to any birds that would like to show up for dinner. We have sunflower fields, which are a favorite early season dove food. We also have the usual milo, corn and wheat fields, which can be great, depending on how the farmer's manage their crop. We even have access to some large areas of preferred native vegetation, like Conchograss, Barnyardgrass and Kleingrass, all of which mourning dove will fly past a lot of things to get to. We also have croton or crotonopsis fields (better know as "doveweed"). They call this stuff doveweed for a reason; doves love it, and in middle to late season these doveweed fields can yield some plum awesome hunting. We also hunt a lot of
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Hunting For: Bighorn Sheep, Deer, Elk, Geese, Wild Boar, Pheasant, Quail, Turkey

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All American Outfitter

Palo Duro Canyon: Come to the land of Col. Charles Goodnight to find fabulous hunting! Great prices! At All American Outfitter, we are constantly improving, expanding, and developing our services and facilities to insure that each guest receives an outdoor experience ranking second to none! When you join us to hunt we want you to enjoy rustling trees, gently flowing creeks, radiant sunsets and the fellowship good hunting affords. Good friends will tell you that All American Outfitter is the place to do just that.
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Hunting For: Bighorn Sheep, Deer, Duck, Elk, Pheasant, Pronghorn / Antelope, Quail, Turkey

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B & B Outfitters

While B&B Outfitters' home base is in Port Aransas, Texas, our ranches are located in Pecos, Terrell and Crockett Counties (West Texas). We have been in the hunting business since 1986, and have become, through a lot of dedication, hard work and honest work ethics, one of the most successful outfitting businesses in Texas.
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Hunting For: Coyote, Deer, Mountain lion, Turkey

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The ranch has a perimeter game-proof fence and is stocked with a variety of exotics that will be challenging and exciting to hunt. There is a large population of native wild hogs and the ranch has been stocked with South Texas Whitetail deer which are very abundant in this area.
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Hunting For: Deer, Elk

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Magnum Guide Service

Magnum Guide Service, LLC, an established, respected, and enduring “fulltime” hunting guide service, has been providing serious hunting enthusiasts with some of the finest hunting adventures in North America. Hunting trips to legendary destinations such as Texas to hunt for trophy whitetail deer, Texas mountain mule deer, free range Texas elk, exotic big game safaris for kudu, sable, wildebeest, gazelle, scimitar horned oryx, gemsbok, addax antelope, mouflon sheep, free range aoudad sheep, and more. Spring & Fall Rio Grande turkey gobbler hunts , Texas predator hunts for; bobcat, coyote, mountain lion, grey fox, red fox, raccoon, ringtail cat, and Texas night time varmint hunts , along with rifle, handgun and archery combination hunts for javelina and feral hogs.
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Hunting For: Bear, Bighorn Sheep, Caribou, Coyote, Deer, Wild Boar, Moose, Pronghorn / Antelope, Turkey

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Ryno Hunting Service

Thank you for your interest in RYNO Hunting Service. Our clients are our most valuable assets and are deeply appreciated and respected. RYNO Hunting Service provides the following services: Hunting, Guiding, Fishing, Game Management, Ranch Management, Ranch Security and Investigations and Hunting Leases. All Ranches are "PRIVATE LAND" and are under strict game management and conservation programs. Several TROPHY class animals taken from these ranches have been entered in the record books over the years.
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Hunting For: Bear, Deer, Elk, Pronghorn / Antelope

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Shane Johanson" Sporting Adventures, Ltd.

We started in the hunting business in 1982 with one customer. Now we are one of the biggest outfitters in South Texas, with over a 100 bird dogs and 9 trucks custom rigged for quail hunting. On a trip to South America dove shooting, I got the idea to offer outstanding shooting to our customers year ‘round, at different locations inside and outside of the US. Of course these locations would have to meet certain standards and offer the quality that our customers have grown to expect. Our packages have met and surpassed our goals.
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Hunting For: Deer, Pheasant, Quail, Turkey

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Wildlife Systems, Inc

Texas hunting services to discriminating individuals seeking quality outfitted hunting trips and to landowners needing professional wildlife management services. In addition to our outfitted hunting, WSI also manages several Texas hunting leases. Our professional staff is led by wildlife biologist, Greg Simons who is founder of WSI and is well known in the Texas hunting arena and in the wildlife management field. WSI was named "2002 Dodge Outfitter of the Year" which is a testimony of our commitment to providing quality customer service.
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Hunting For: Bighorn Sheep, Deer, Wild Boar, Pronghorn / Antelope, Turkey

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Whitt Ranch

3200 acres High-fenced. Bow or rifle. Cold storage facility. Meals, lodging. Spring & Fall Turkey hunts. Year-round Exotic hunting. Blinds & feeders in place. Year-round protein pellets.
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Hunting For: Deer, Turkey

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TX Dove Hunt

Large fields of sunflowers and dove weed attract the local birds for the early part of the season. The three counties (Brown, Coleman and Callahan) lie in the fly away of the more mature doves that generally migrate from Kansas and Oklahoma during the latter part of the season. This is truly the test of a hunter and the delight of those who like to see and pursue birds in their natural habitat.
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Hunting For: Pheasant

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Triangle T Outfitters

We thank you for your patience. We have almost completed our website, with only a few more pages to finish. Please take a look around at all of the added information, photo, and hunting packages, here in N. America and abroad.
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Hunting For: Deer, Turkey

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The Boar's Den

The Boar's Den, established in 1999, we have specialized in Trophy Whitetail Deer, Rio Grande Turkey, and Wild Russian Boars. We are one of the first Boar hunting only ranches in Texas. With thousands of hogs under our belt and hunting every kind of way possible, we are now dog hunting only. After having hundreds of clients this has been our most productive, enjoyable and exciting hunt. We have never had a negative comment about this hunt. We have run over 200% the past decade with dogs. No one has ever gone home without hogs hunting this style of hunt. This country is rough and rugged, and everything has thorns on it. This is perfect habitat to grow Trophy Whitetail Deer and Big Boars. Our Rio Grande Turkey tend to habitat the creek bottoms where our big hardwoods grow. This country is extremely thick with cactus and mesquite, be prepared this hunt is extremely challenging, and can be as exciting as any hunt you will ever do.
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Hunting For: Deer, Wild Boar, Turkey

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Texas Outfitters Ltd

We offer hunts for bucks that gross score up to 200+ B&C. We are 100% opportunity on our deer as it is not uncommon to see 30-40 bucks per day or a total of 150-200 deer per day. The hunting on our ranch is that good. For first time hunters, our guarantee is as follows: If you do not pull the trigger you can come back and hunt for free. No other outfitter in the State of Texas will offer that guarantee. We take pride in our hunts and think we offer the best hunt package in Texas. We have over 30,000 acres and harvest only 1 Whitetail buck per 600 acres, ensuring everyone an opportunity to harvest a mature whitetail buck year after year.
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Hunting For: Deer, Wild Boar, Quail, Turkey

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Texas Exotics

Hello, my name is John Martinez owner of Rancho La Rama Del Mezquite. I want to thank you for taking time to visit this website and hope that it can help you make a decision on your next hunting adventure. The game fenced ranch is nestled in the legendary brush country of South Texas in Benavides, Texas. We are located 75 miles west of Corpus Christi and about 2 1/2 hours South of San Antonio. While hunting with us you will see over 40 species of wildlife from Europe, India, the Middle East, the Orient ,Africa and of course our native Texas.
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Hunting For: Bighorn Sheep, Deer

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Stansfield Hunting Outfitters

Stanfield Hunting Outfitters specialize in corporate and group hunting packages for Texas goose hunting, Texas hog hunting, Texas dove hunting, Texas turkey hunting, Texas pheasant hunting, and Texas deer hunting.
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Hunting For: Deer, Duck, Geese, Wild Boar, Pheasant, Quail, Turkey

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South Texas Tophy Hunts

We offer the BEST South Texas Whitetail Deer hunts, as well as Texas quail, dove and turkey hunting. I will assure you that we will provide you with a Hunting Experience of a Lifetime at very AFFORDABLE HUNTING RATES !!
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Hunting For: Deer, Quail, Turkey

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