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7 Lazy P Guest Ranch

Nestled deep in the heart of Teton Canyon in the Rocky Mountains, 5000 feet above sea level and totaling 1200 acres, the Seven Lazy P, Deep Canyon Guest Ranch offers guests a true taste of what it's like to roam a part of 'The Last Best Place.' As you wind your way through the prairie towards the opening of the canyon, where wildflowers spring up in colorful abundance in the summer months, you can feel the fresh air fill your lungs and breathe your first breaths of a vacation that will offer you utter relaxation and enjoyment in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.
Visits: 48

Hunting For: Deer, Elk

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Anchor Outfitting

C.M. Rein settled in the beautiful Sweet Grass Canyon at the base of the majestic Crazy Mountains in 1893. Four generations have now lived and worked on this family owned and operated cattle ranch. While coaxing a living out of this property over the years, we have developed a great respect for both the land and the resources it holds.
Visits: 50

Hunting For: Deer, Elk, Pronghorn / Antelope

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Avalanche Basin Outfitters

Avalanche Basin Outfitters is located in the Big Belt Mountain Range of central Montana, hunting district 446. The hunting area lies 35 miles northwest of White Sulphur Springs and consists of 76,000 acres of beautiful, mountainous, private ranchlands. Hunters have averaged 70% success on five and six point bull elk and 60% success on four and five point mule and whitetail deer over the last 28 years. The antelope we are harvesting average 14" in horn length. These ranches include seven main drainages, the two largest being Rock and Beaver Creeks. The ridges and south slopes are covered with scattered timber and numerous basins. Elevations vary from 4,700 ft. to 7,200 ft. The tops of these ridges offer miles of open parks and benches, where much of our hunting takes place. The north slopes are steep with heavy red fir, lodge pole pine, and quaking aspen timber for cover.
Visits: 60

Hunting For: Deer, Elk

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Backcountry Montana Adventures

Welcome to Southwest Montana. Backcountry Montana Adventures is a complete outfitting business offering a fun and safe way for the entire family to enjoy the backcountry. Whether you are a beginner or an expert we will provide you with a vacation filled with memories. Your activities may include fishing, hunting, bird and wildlife viewing, star gazing, hiking and camping, historic ghost towns, Indian camps and much much more. Your views will be furnished by Mother Nature, with elevations running from the mountain valleys at 6,000 feet to over 11,000 foot peaks along the continental divide. The landscape consists of timbered canyons, lush meadows, open sagebrush covered hillsides and streams and lakes teeming with trout. This diverse topography allows for incredible viewing opportunities.
Visits: 54

Hunting For: Deer, Elk, Mountain lion, Pronghorn / Antelope

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Beartooth Plateau Outfitters

Join Beartooth Outfitters for our Montana Archery Elk Hunting Pack Trips or for our Montana Elk Hunting Rifle Pack Trip true Montana backcountry elk hunting experiences. Our Montana Elk Hunting Pack Trips are 7-day, full-service, horseback pack trips, fully guided Montana elk hunts. The headquarters for our elk hunt horseback pack trips is our Wisdom Montana Pack Station.
Visits: 49

Hunting For: Elk

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Big Hole C4 Lodge

Come on over to the Big Hole C4 Lodge and fish on 20 miles of private water from the Big Hole, Beaverhead, Jefferson and Ruby Rivers. A short walking distance from the lodge allows you to fish a section of private lower Big Hole. This lower section of the Big Hole River is rarely fished and can be very productive. The evening hatches on this lower stretch are always a special bonus to an already great day.
Visits: 46

Hunting For: Deer, Duck, Geese

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Big Salmon Outfitters

Welcome to the web home of Big Salmon Outfitters. We specialize in Wild and Scenic Pack Trips in the Bob Marshall Wilderness of Montana. Let us show you the beauty of the Bob Marshall Wilderness through one of our scenic horse-back wilderness pack trips, amaze you with blue ribbon trout fishing on the incredible South Fork of the Flathead River, Big Salmon Lake and River, White River, Youngs Creek, Danaher Creek, and many off the beaten path lakes and streams. We also offer Drop Floats on the South Fork of the Flathead River. We can deliver your group and equipment to the confluence of the South Fork for a drop float trip, rafting on the South Fork has become a favorite way for many to enjoy this incredible wilderness river. And last but not least, our favorite, Montana hunting as it was meant to be, out of our Big Slide base camp.
Visits: 47

Hunting For: Bear, Deer, Elk

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Big Sky Elk Ranch

The Big Sky River Ranch is truly a unique Western Montana property. With its approximate 636 acres and 0.6 miles of Flathead River frontage, it is a rare opportunity. Along the entire 75 mile stretch of the Lower Flathead River it is the only frontage currently on the market and one of the few that is privately held. The federal government through the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes owns approximately 93% of the frontage on the river and this ranch makes up a significant portion of the private holdings. A 520 acre State of Montana grazing lease is included in the purchase.
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Hunting For: Deer, Duck, Elk, Geese

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Birch Creek Outfitters

All hunts are combination elk, deer and bear hunts. You can buy a license and any combination of these tags you wish. All hunting camps are reached by horseback. Your hunt will involve using horses and walking. All camps consist of separate tents for hunters, guides, and cooks. All hunters tents are equipped with wood stoves and bunks or cots with foam pads. There is a full time cook at each camp who prepares large hot family style meals ranging from pancakes, eggs, and bacon for breakfast to steaks and roasts with all the trimmings for supper. (We will gladly accommodate special dietary needs. We ask you notify us of these in advance).
Visits: 67

Hunting For: Elk, Moose

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Bob Marshall Wilderness Ranch

A guidebook states that the "Bob" is 2,400 square miles of rugged, unspoiled wilderness that could change your life forever. Another describes that 1.5 million acres as, "land and rivers and mountains still pretty much the way that God had fashioned them." For once, guidebook palaver understates reality. We are pleased to arrange deluxe, horseback pack trips into the Bob Marshall Wilderness for fishing, sightseeing, photography or big game hunting. This wilderness, our Nation's largest and most beautiful, can only be entered on foot or horseback, assuring you unequaled scenery, solitude and an abundance of wildlife. These trips are serviced by an excellent string of reliable, sure-footed mountain trail horses and pack mules. The well-equipped wilderness camps offer the utmost in comfort and a first class table set for our guests. The Bob Marshall Wilderness Ranch also provides a gorgeous lodge nestled between the Mission Mountain Wilderness and the Bob Marshall Wilderness in the heart of the Swan Valley.
Visits: 49

Hunting For: Deer, Elk

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