Minnesota Hunting Guides and Services

Blooming Valley Outfitters

My name is Larry Emery. I have been hunting this country over thirty years and have a very vast knowledge of the game and the country I hunt. I have professional guides that will make your hunting a success. Our guides are friendly and knowledgeable. They want your hunt to be enjoyable and successful above all else. We pay close attention to your needs, so that we can provide you with the hunt of a lifetime. Our camp has many amenities to insure your stay to be comfortable and relaxing. All meals are provided by the staff with good home cooking, you won't leave the table hungry. Remote wilderness cabin accommodations are included with many of the amenities of home to insure a comfortable stay.
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Hunting For: Bear

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Cannon Valley Kennels

This site is designed to provide information on kennels. The word kennel is used to describe a shelter for dogs, a pet crate, or a place for breeding or boarding. When used to describe a shelter or a crate it refers to a retreat for the dog. Kennels can also be used for travel, training, and an outdoor refuge. When speaking of a pet crate, size is a major concern. A dog kennel should be big enough that the dog can stand up, turn around, and lay down in. For maximum comfort a dog bed can be placed inside as long as there is still room to stand. Use caution with metal cage-type kennels as sometimes a dog's toes can get lodged in spaces.
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G & R Outfitters

Our camp is rustic, but comfortable. We furnish all the equipment, except personal effects, necessary to make your hunt successful and enjoyable. Our cabins are heated, with electric lights, and comfortable mattresses. Meals areprepared by a cook, and served family style. We furnish wholesome food and plenty of it- but we will be pleased to supply special food, if not too exotic. Our camp is readily accessible. Commercial flights are available in Rapid City, South Dakota or Billings, Montana. Rental cars are available to complete your trip. Two major roads serve Broadus, Montana.
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Hunting For: Deer, Pronghorn / Antelope, Turkey

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Gold Meadows Hunting Preserve

There are no membership fees, guest fees, or gun fees. You are charged on a per bird released. If you shoot additional birds you must pay for them. Birds released are 50/50 hens/roosters. There are two optional charges - bird cleaning is $3.50 per bird; the dog and guide is $2.50 per bird extra. If you elect to use your own dog, we will take you to the hunting area, explain the area, then let you hunt on your own. Gold Meadows is open every day of the week. There are no set hours - call anytime you like. Reservations should be made a day or two in advance by phone. We will need your name, date, time of hunt, number of people in your group, number of birds to be released, and whether or not you will be using your own dogs. If you have your own dogs we will need to know what kind they are - pointer or retriever - and how experienced the dogs are. This information helps us determine what area will work best for you of the 800 acres available to hunt. Cover includes corn, grassland, red willows, reed canary grass, swamps, and cattails.
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Hunting For: Pheasant

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K-n-S Guide Service

KNS Guide Service owner and operator Kevin Dorow has been satisfying Minnesota black bear hunters, whitetail deer hunters & fisherman for nearly 15 years. He and his wife Sunny are native to the area and love the outdoors. They get great pleasure introducing guests to Northern Minnesota's many splendors. They are both avid archery & rifle hunters and would love to not only share their stories, but also to help you create memories of a lifetime of your own. Their experience, along with that of various other seasoned guides will ensure a successful hunt by doing their homework before you arrive including scouting, bear baiting, planting, and managing food plots. Each individual hunt is taken seriously. Families are welcome. Our down-home atmosphere provides the perfect place for bonding.
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Hunting For: Bear, Deer

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Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club

Located in the heart of farming country, The Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club's rolling terrain remains unchanged since the introduction of Upland and Waterfowl hunting more than a century ago. Encompassing over 600 acres, our members and guests enjoy unsurpassed vistas and the some of the very best Upland and Waterfowl hunting opportunities in the United States. This is upland and waterfowl hunting at its best, where sportsmen match wits with birds in their native environment by day…and enjoy fine dining, gracious service and camp style seclusion by night. Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club members hunt Pheasant, Chukar Partridge, Hungarian Partridge, and Bobwhite Quail year round. As an extra bonus we offer European-style driven Pheasant shoots, Pigeon shoots, and Wild Turkey hunting.
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Hunting For: Pheasant, Quail

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Premier Flight Guide Service

Premier Flight Guide Service has long established itself as one of the top guides for goose hunting Rochester, Minnesota. Our dedication and strong customer base have helped us build our services to include more fields throughout the Rochester area. We are now more capable of harvesting birds consistently throughout the fall goose hunting season. We have brought champion callers and experienced goose hunting guides from around the area to our base in Rochester. These top guns of the industry help make us #1 in the Rochester area!
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Hunting For: Geese

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River Ridge Gun Club

Premiere Gaming and Clay Preserve, located just outside New Ulm, River Ridge Gun Club offers Minnesotas finest extended hunting season along with a scenic, fully automated 100 round sporting clay course. With over twenty years of experience behind us, we know hunters want more then their limit of birds. Come to River Ridge for an enjoyable day in the fresh outdoors, camaraderie of good sportsmanship and take with you special memories with friends and family!
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Hunting For: Pheasant

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Vermilion Dam Lodge

We are located on Lake Vermilion, one of Northern Minnesota's most pristine lakes. Lake Vermilion is known for its great Minnesota fishing, a wide variety of fish populations including muskie, walleye, bass, northern, and sunfish, and its breathtaking scenery – a landscape of hilly rock structures carved out by Glaciers. An ideal location for the vacationer either looking to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the outdoors, or to fish a lake stocked yearly, and boasting a long history of record-size fish that would motivate any angler. Lake Vermilion is made up of 365 islands, 1200 miles of shoreline and extends 42 miles from one end to the other.
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Hunting For: Bear, Deer, Duck, Quail

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Watson Hunting Camp

At the Watson Hunting Camp we specialize in offering you a High Quality Hunting Experience. Located in the heart of the Lac Qui Parle Wildlife Refuge in western Minnesota, the hunting opportunities available at our camp are very diverse and plentiful. Our Canada goose hunts are not what you typically expect from the Lac Qui Parle area. Unlike the traditional state blind pass shooting method, at the Watson Hunting Camp WE DO NOT PASS SHOOT GEESE! Owner Chuck Ellingson offers a fully guided Canada goose hunting experience over high quality decoys in pre-scouted fields with quality goose calling to ensure In-Your-Face Decoying Canada Geese!
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Hunting For: Deer, Pheasant, Quail

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