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we have been Hawaii's most diverse full service hunting outfitter; specializing in quality free range trophy hunts throughout the Islands of Hawaii. We offer excellent hunting for all five of Hawaii's big game species and eight of Hawaii's exotic, wild game birds including Hawaii's popular Spring Rio Grande turkey hunting. We have recently expanded our operations to include Fall big game hunts for trophy Columbia Whitetail deer, Black Tail deer and Roosevelt elk on over 7,000 acres of private ranches in Oregon. Our Hawaii hunting ranches encompass over 123,000 acres on the islands of Maui, Molokai, Lanai and the Big Island of Hawaii. Excellent trophy axis deer, mouflon and "Black Hawaiian" sheep, Spanish and "Hawaiian Ibex" goats, Polynesian boar and Vancouver bulls abound on in our exclusive hunting areas.
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Hunting For: Deer, Elk, Turkey

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Maui Hunting Safari

Rodney and Dawn Perreira, Owners and Guides of Maui Hunting Safari, are proud to offer you a first class island hunting adventure. Both Rodney and wife Dawn were born and raised on the Island of Maui. Rodney has been hunting with his family since he was a child. His passion for sharing hunting is evident in his everyday life. Hunting is not only a sport, but is a way of life for Rodney. He has hunted around the United States taking many record book animals. Rodney has had the wonderful opportunity of experiencing great guided hunting operations. He has taken a little of each experience, mixed them with his passion to share hunting on Maui and has created Maui Hunting Safari which is a family oriented, owned and operated hunting business.
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Hunting For: Deer, Wild Boar

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Parker Ranch

Parker Ranch, in Waimea on Hawaii's Big Island, was founded in 1847. It is one of the oldest and most historic ranches in the United States. Encompassing across thousands of acres across the island, Parker Ranch is also among the countries largest cattle ranches.
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Hunting For: Bighorn Sheep, Wild Boar, Turkey

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Palawai Outfitters

Palawai Outfitters is under the management of Castle & Cooke Resorts, LLC. Its name derives from the Palawai Basin, the volcanic crater that formed the Island of Lana'i, hence the location of Palawai Outfitter's bird hunting property that encompasses approximately 36,900 acres. Palawai Basin was known to have held water in the form of a lake that was one of the best sources of drinking water in its time. The old timers, "kupuna", told stories of how Palawai and its adjacent field Miki Basin grew the largest sweet potatoes, such that one potato could feed a family. The basin was fertile and rich in pineapple fields from the early 1920's and finally phased out in the early 90's as the company transitioned from plantation to resorts. Today, Palawai basin yields majestic fields of grassland and the new home for what our clients are calling one of the best bird hunting programs in the State of Hawaii.
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Hunting For: Bighorn Sheep, Deer, Pheasant

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Hunt Hawaii Volcanoes

Aloha and welcome to Hunt Hawaii Volcanoes! Located just outside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, home of Kilauea Volcano, the most active volcano in the world, our experienced guides will take you on the hunt of your life. Our hunting packages include a day of hunting, complete with a guide and everything you need to "Hunt Hawaii Volcanoes." You'll trek through some of the most unique rainforest in the world, hunting the Wild Hawaiian Boar (feral hog), which can weigh in close to 200 pounds. The hunt for wild boars with experienced "Hawaiian Style" hunters using trained dogs and a knife is a thrill unlike any other!
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