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Winterfarms Hunting

My father was one of the first hunting guides on the eastern shore of Maryland. He taught me about hunting and how to guide which I have been doing for over 30 years now. Hunting has remained a tradition through my children and grandchildren. We encourage and maintain enviromentaly friendly lands. Our goose hunting operation remains located around Chestertown, ( Kent County) Easton (Talbot County), and Cambridge (Dorchester County), Maryland. These are premier areas for Canada Goose hunting. There is also a large concentration of Snow Geese in this area that provides great hunting too. Hunting sites include fields and ponds for resting geese, water blinds on the Chester River, and it's tributaries are available. All blinds and pits are comfortable and made to accommodate 5 people. Duck hunting is offered in the same areas. Puddle Ducks, including Mallards, Black Ducks, Pintails, Widgeon and Teal. Diving Ducks including Blue Bills, Canvas Backs, and Red Heads and Buffer Heads. The best time to hunt divers is mid December thru the end of Jan. Puddle ducks are generally here from November thru Jan.
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Hunting For: Deer, Duck, Geese

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Del Bay Guide Service

We are a full time guide service that specializes in Snow Geese, spending up to 95 days a season hunting them. Successful Snow Goose hunting requires many hours of scouting with large amount of money spent on blinds, decoys and leases. We scout for every party in 3 states covering 7 counties, sometimes driving 450 miles in a single day. We are hunting 8 different concentrations of birds ranging from from 10,000 to 100,000 Snow Geese which helps produce quality hunting through out the season with no one area being over gunned.
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Hunting For: Duck, Geese

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Owens Station

Owens Station is a family owned and operated hunting preserve and sporting clays range. Located 30 minutes south of Dover, Delaware just off Route 16, Owens Station has special planted fields for upland game hunting.
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Hunting For: Deer, Pheasant, Quail

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Marshtown Preserve

Welcome to the Marshtown's upland game hunting. Our hunting preserve, begun in 2006 is part of the DelMar Waterfowl LLC which operates a well-known, members only club that consists of approximately 14,000 acres of leased hunting property in Delaware and Maryland. The hunting preserve is located an hours drive from New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania in Dover Delaware. We are right off Route One along Route Eight.
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Hunting For: Pheasant, Quail

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A & A Outdoors

A&A Outdoors is a full service waterfowl guide service that specializes in Greater Snow Goose hunting.
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Hunting For: Geese

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